College Planning

Getting the best education for your child, while not spending all of your retirement to do it

With proper College Planning, even if the student is a Junior or Senior in high school, your child can often go to a more elite school for less out-of-pocket cost! We often save families tens-of-thousands of dollars over the traditional “send our child to a state college because it’s less expensive” routine. Here’s a secret… local or state colleges are usually not the least expensive or best option. It’s not too late to get a game plan together and still get great results. 

Adult Students

Here is a shocker…

Students pay different out-of-pocket costs for the same school! The retail price of a school is not always the price paid. With proper planning, you can send your child to a private college for less than you will pay out of pocket for a state college. Our planning services not only helps you find money and discounts for schools but helps put your child on track to graduate in four years, not the national average of 5.8 years! We will assist you in finding the right school, help your child find the right degree, and help you find additional sources of discounts & scholarships.


Don't sacrifice your or your child's financial future

We will provide you with a comprehensive plan to help reduce your annual Expected Family Contribution, if possible (one family went from a $25k expected annual contribution to $3k!), by showing how to place assets in non-countable vehicles, help you stay on track for your Retirement without sacrificing your own financial future, and offer your child guidance throughout college.

We want to help your child have a great college experience, not a college career! With an average student graduating in 5.8 years, that means many are graduating in seven, eight, or more years. That could be financially devastating to you and your student. Either you are going to have to continue paying, or your student will have to take on enormous debt! Either situation has a terrible outcome. We are here to prevent that. 


Employer Partnerships

If you are an employer, let us partner with you to show your employees you care. With proper planning, even if the student is a Junior or Senior in high school, employees are less likely to take a second job, look for a higher paying job - even if they are happy in their current employment, and likely to be less stressed at work. For employers who qualify, we offer a discount for their Employee Benefits package.  


When you decide to let us help you plan for your child’s college, we will:

Take control of the college financial planning process

Let us show you how to take control of your child’s college expense, while helping your child get a great education at the same time.