Tax Reduction Programs

Completely private system that provides

Anonymity, Asset Protection, and Tax Reduction in one platform.

We offer the traditional tax reduction programs like everyone else, but where we shine is in our “outside-the-box” programs and systems! Our systems have helped thousands of business owners, real estate investors, medical professionals, even billionaires, professional athletes, performers, and wealthy families legally and ethically avoid taxes for the past 60 years. 

Our copyrighted system integrates a little-known IRS tax code into a platform that can help you avoid taxes for multiple generations.  We custom design each program to fit each person’s individual need.  We often achieve a 70-80% reduction in tax payments for our clients, some even more. One physician went from paying approximately $126,000 in yearly taxes to just $7,500! We see results like this on a regular basis. Maybe not all are that dramatic, but they are all very significant. If you currently have a strategy you like, we can usually integrate it into our system. No need to throw out what you’re happy with if it’s working. 

What are some benefits of our tax reduction system?


Huge tax savings – permanently! No need to redo a plan each year


Removes Capital Gains taxes – even on real estate with 1031 Exchanges!


Protects against changing political environments


Provides a permanent platform, so there is no need to look for new programs and strategies every year


Peace of mind! The IRS code is written into our platform


Our system also provides asset protection from lawsuits and prying eyes


Our system is flexible

The IRS code is written into the platform in such a way that the advantages are clearly spelled out. There’s no room for interpretation, it’s very black-and-white. The USA Supreme Court ruled a long time ago the core of our system is legitimate, legal, and is completely acceptable. 

The core of our system is not new; it’s a proven system.