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Estate Services

Completely private system that provides Anonymity, Asset Protection, and Tax Reduction in one platform.

Most business owners are so busy focusing on their business there is often little time left over to take care of their estates. We are all familiar with stories of multi-millionaires passing away leaving their estates in shambles and millions of dollars owed on taxes. In today’s political and tax environment, more estate taxes are going to pay taxes on asset-rich families forcing many to sell off family businesses, homes, and farms simply to pay estate taxes! With proper planning and strategies, this can be avoided.

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Plan at the same time

We offer a single platform that not only protects your business, your home, and personal assets but it removes taxes that would have normally been owed if no plan was put in place.  Instead of planning for your business and family separately, we have made it simple to plan for both at the same time. Our structure eliminates the expensive need of creating multiple plans and multiple strategies for multiple entities.

What exactly are the benefits of our system?


Remain in control - 100%!


Protect your hard-earned money


Complete privacy


Possibly reduce your current taxes


Preserve your children’s inheritance


Permanently protect your assets from lawsuits!


Permanently eliminate ALL Estate Taxes

A. No matter the size – Even one in the Billions of dollars

B. No matter what political changes happen

C. No matter which state you live in

We put you in complete control of your estate!

Our system works in all 50 states. It cannot be modified by any court, government ruling, or political change. The core of our system is older than the United States but operates within the laws of the US – legally and ethically. Even the Supreme Court of the USA says it is protected and lawful - so did the IRS!