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Retirement Planning

Retirement Protection, and Tax Reduction is our focus

With many Retirees today, the biggest question is, “Is my money going to last the rest of my lifetime?” It’s a scary moment when you realize you do not have the answer to this question.


Our goal is to create a Retirement of freedom, freedom to travel, give to your favorite causes, and live the retirement of your dreams.

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Maximize Retirement Dollars

Our system focuses on helping clients keep their hard-earned money, maximize their retirement dollars by eliminating the second largest expense in retirement – TAXES!, prepare for the largest expense -Health Care, plan for Long-Term Care and how to pay for it without going broke, and help you leave a financial legacy to you children, grandchildren, and your favorite charities. Our Retirement Planning strategies implement safer money programs, we do not venture out in the unknown or participate in high-risk money schemes.  We are the safe money people. We can help you become and retire millionaires in a safer lower-risk way that makes sense and gives you peace-of-mind.


Prepare for your Golden Years

Retiring is so much more than just selling your business or quitting your job and going home. Retirement can be scary and expensive.  Retirement is often referred to as the Golden Years; unfortunately, many are left with very little gold in those years due to bad market timing, economic slowdowns, out of control government spending driving prices up, bad investments, horrible or no financial guidance, poor health, and a plethora of other reason. Our primary objective is getting our clients to their financial goal line. We work with clients to identify their needs, challenges (even the ones they may be unaware of), greatest opportunities, and help them define what a successful retirement looks like. 

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Some of the benefits of working with us are:


People who listen and are committed to helping you get to your retirement vision


Conservative advice to help protect your hard-earned money, and help it grow


Options! We will advise and educate throughout the process because it’s your money and we want you to be there every step of the way


We work with BOTH spouses to achieve their goals


Create plans for Business Owners to grow wealth, protect their money, and prepare for their exit strategy


Create a Legacy Plan to meet your goals for leaving an inheritance to whom you desire

No High-pressure tactics

No sales quotas

No egos here!

Create a plan to meet your dreams

We help Business Owners and Professionals prepare for their own retirement, help implement a plan(s) for their employees, compare options for a long and stable stream of income during retirement, help create a plan that is achievable, and create a plan to meet their dreams.