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Premium Financing

THE Unfair Advantage in Business and Life

What is Premium Financing, and why should I think about it?  For starters, it is a system that can help build massive wealth, fund Buy-Sell Agreements, Fund Buyout Agreements, provide Tax-free income, provide access to cash without having to pay it back from business revenue, and SO much more!


No one-size-fits-all approach

Premium financing is the process of letting a bank or lending institution pay for very large life insurance policies, while allowing you to invest in other things for a much better ROI. Each person and business have different needs, so there is no “one size fit’s all” approach if done properly. Premium Financing for businesses is very different than Premium Financing for individuals. 


Non Cashflow Disruptive

When we implement a Premium Financing strategy for a client who utilizes our Flagship platform, we are usually able to help the client save more than enough money to help implement a Premium Financing arrangement without disrupting current cash-flow! Imagine having a multi-million-dollar investment grade life insurance policy generating growth while simultaneously providing protection in the worst of times, or offering access to a large lump-sum of cash to grow your business or go on vacation... all without disrupting current cash-flow! 

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Custom tailored to your needs

Businesses can use Premium Financing as a Recruiting Tool to attract top talent, possibly provide supplemental Retirement Income, or help Retain the talent you have. This system is being used by top colleges and businesses to increase the bottom line and attract the best in the business to provide stable growth for their school or business.  We offer tremendous flexibility with out plans. Each plan is custom designed for the individual needs for the client. Our policies often come with “Living Benefits”. These benefits are available in the event a covered person has a heart attack, stroke, or terminal illness. 

Some Benefits of Premium Financing:

There are several ways the plans can be designed. We believe you will love what you see!